Max Landsberg
Board and Leadership Consulting



There are many takes on the hallmarks of excellent leadership. My own view is based on the following apparently simple formula:

Leadership = Vision x Inspiration x Momentum

In other words, great leaders promote strategically good and often novel ideas, which they can sell as a powerful and energising Vision. They use this Vision, as well as day-to-day behaviours, to keep their teams inspired. Yet they are also able to sustain the momentum of the organisation or team - through their own actions, and through breeding other leaders who will take their own related actions.

My own views are set out in further detail in my book The Tools of Leadership, the contents of which appear below.

In working with clients on projects such as leadership profiling, assessment and development, I also employ detailed 'anchored' scales of behaviours. These address the 15-20 most important leadership competencies (such as Deployment of external networks, Delegation, and Drive). These scales reflect explicit examples of behaviours that translate to 'below par' through to 'outstanding' mastery.

Contents of the Tools of Leadership
PART 1 - Gearing up
1. Vision, Inspiration and Momentum
2. The Acquirable Techniques of Leadership
3. Preparing: Focus, Urgency, and Factions
4. Shaping the Teams
PART 2 - The Heart of Leadership
5. Creating Meaning
6. Seeding and Testing
7. Sculpting the Skills
8. Charisma and Trust
9. Engaging and Uniting
10 Repeating and Reinforcing
11. Encouraging Initiative
12. Galvanising Progress
13. Clearing the Way
Support for Vision, Inspiration and Momentum
14. Urging and Celebrating
15. Living the Values
16. Corralling Attention
PART 3 - Other Tools and Skills
17. Leading or Managing?
18. Roles and Delegation
19. Phasing and Timing
20. Power and Influence
21. Culture
22. Self-leadership and VIM
Epilogue - Challenge, Philosophy and Style