Max Landsberg

Director of the Senior Partners Office
McKinsey & Company.
Supporting personal growth towards a better world

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For three decades Max has helped individuals and teams in some of the world's most successful enterprises to grow.
... He coaches senior executives to clarify their purpose and have greater impact

... helps teams to aim higher and perform better

... works with Boards and top management to assure succession and evolution



In addition to working directly with clients, Max aims to inspire others through a variety of routes.
... He identifies, codifies and contributes to best practices in leadership, coaching and motivation - his books have sold in excess of 250,000 copies in 15 languages

... delivers presentations and keynote speeches, using analogies where relevant from his interests in adventure travel and art

... works pro bono with non-profit organisations, with an emphasis on universities and schools



Max's approach uniquely combines experience of business strategy with that of talent development.
... He brings a deep understanding of strategic direction - gained from his sixteen years at McKinsey & Company

... applies a clear understanding of what makes people tick - gleaned during eight years working as a Senior Partner at Korn Ferry and a prior executive search firmt

... works with you in a customised way, by drawing on a broad repertoire of techniques - informed by his research into best practices



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