Max helps people and businesses to grow, through roles as business coach and adviser; interim leader of specific missions; author; and speaker.

He brings extensive Board-level experience, including as:

  • A widely-recognized authority on talent selection and development.

  • An expert on the development of professional services firms - formerly Partner or Senior Partner at McKinsey, Heidrick & Struggles, and KornFerry.

  • An internationally-recognised coach, with thirty years' experience counselling senior leaders. Highly-trained in strategy, psychometrics (and theoretical physics).

  • An award-winning author whose books have sold more than a million copies in fifteen languages.

He recently completed his second career with McKinsey, where for seven years he has been Director of the Firm's Senior Partner Office.

Latest book

The Power of the Dao offers 7 habits to help you live in Flow - to be 'in the zone', and at your authentic best - not just for a moment, but all the time. The Flow state helps you remain balanced but dynamic. It brings you fulfilment, enjoyment and resilience in our turbulent times.

This book shows you how to get there, based on the enduring principles of Daoism, and illustrated with engaging and memorable stories. Followers of these principles include Carl Jung, Leo Tolstoy, Martin Heidegger, Noble Laureate Niels Bohr, song-writer George Harrison, and even rapper RZA.

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Professional experience and network

Max is a globally-recognized expert in the selection and development of top talent. He also has a deep understanding of business strategy and the development of professional services firms.

His experience derives from work as Partner or Senior Partner at leading firms such as McKinsey, Heidrick & Struggles and KornFerry - on business strategy, talent development, and their intersection.

From his current position, Max is now developing a broader of portfolio activities. This includes advisory, coaching, and board roles, complemented ad hoc by full-time roles of defined duration and mission, and partnerships with business schools.

These roles support companies and senior individuals to increase performance and resilience. Max aims to bring value in the following areas:
  • Excellent selection and development of talent, based on deep insights at CXO-level.

  • Development of professional service firms, based on keen perspectives.

  • Coaching leaders in a range of settings, based on extensive experience.

  • Building and supporting better Boards, based on strategy and governance experience.

His expertise is outlined in more detail in his >> bio.


Max is based in London and works globally.
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Selected prior clients

Max has worked across many sectors, with a focus on talent and leadership. His clients have included leaders at public companies, private companies, family businesses, PE firms, and individuals.

A longer list of prior clients is here.