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The GROW model

The GROW model has become one of the most widely-used frameworks in coaching, after it was developed by Max and a team at McKinsey & Company in the early 1990s.

This short document, extracted from "The Tao of Coaching", explains how to use it: Goal, Reality, Options, Way >> read on ...

The Six Steps to Mastery

There is so much more to mastering an activity or domain than the deliberate practice and "10,000 hours" often cited.

This document explains the other things that help us become masters - based on examples drawn from the Old Master painters. It covers Prior Art, Places, Peers, Patrons, Practice, and Passion >> read on ...


Rewiring not Retiring

"Retirement" is a terrible word because it is terrifying. No one likes moving backwards. An ancient Greek maximum suggests: sail towards, don't sail away.

Research based on coaching more than 200 senior professionals has demonstrated that instead of framing a transition as retiring, it's much better to think of it as REWIRING - rewiring of mind, body, spirit, and communities.

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The Six Basic Human Needs

What are the most important factors in your life? A checklist you can use to stimulate new ways forward, or to choose between options you are already considering?

Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes developed such a checklist, and this post explains how to use it.

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What is Your BHAG?

What is your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)?

Gain inspiration from Jim Collins. He analyzed hundreds of companies to find out how they created their BHAGs. But his findings are relevant as we develop our strategies for our own personal and professional lives: Passion, Expertise, Sustainability >> read on ...


Your Three Horizons of Growth

How do you sequence your plan for personal and professional development?

The Three Horizons model - borrowed from the world of corporate strategy - helps you nail the differing steps needed for the Short, Medium and Long-term >> read on ...

The Vim of Being a Leader

What is the essence of being a great leader?

This free download from The Tools of Leadership cuts to the essence and helps you create the three requisites in the team you (will) lead: Vision, Inspiration, and Momentum >> read on ...


Onboarding and Your Crisis in Month 10

Moving to a new company or role creates many challenges. Our research shows that your biggest dip in happiness will come in month 10 if you don't foresee it and prepare for it.

This excerpt from "Mastering Coaching" shows you how to prepare. Hint: over-invest in building your new support network >> read on ...