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  Max aims to inspire higher performance through his books on leadership, coaching and motivation. These books have sold in excess of 250,000 copies in 15 languages, and all have remained in print since publication.

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(Early October 2015)

Mastering Coaching starts by asking what skills an effective coach or manager must now possess to boost the performance of their coachees. In response, it summarises the most important research in areas such as neuroscience, sports psychology and mindfulness, positive psychology, mastery and goal-setting and offers a clear, simple and practical guide to how this new thinking can help coaches and managers to develop their own coaching practices.

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"A coach for the coaches! Max Landsberg has created an entirely new approach to coaching - you'll be more effective than ever, and your clients will thank you for it. Mastering Coaching demonstrates how coaches can up their own game by customizing their style to the needs of their clients. Landsberg has identified the most important coaching tools available!"
Marshall Goldsmith, author of the NYT#1 bestselling Triggers and global bestsellers MOJO and What Got You Here Won't Get You There.

"Thought provoking survey of the field - some new ideas for me and, I suspect, for many." Douglas Gurr, President, Amazon China

(Revised edition 2015)

First published in 1996, one of the first guides to coaching for the manager and professional coach. Shows how to build your OWN effectiveness by building the effectiveness of your team members. One of the first demonstrations of the GROW technique. A continuing best-seller.

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Illustrates how effective leadership combines Vision, Inspiration, and Momentum.

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Shows how the leader can create a virtuous circle of engagement and motivation in the team (and in him/herself).

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