Max's Books

In writing on leadership, coaching and motivation, Max's goal is to inspire greater performance, and greater fulfilment, of both leaders and coaches.

His books have sold in excess of a million copies in 15 languages, and all have remained in print since publication.

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The Power of the Dao

  • This book offers 7 habits to help you live in Flow - to be 'in the zone', and at your authentic best - not just for a moment, but all the time.
  • The Flow state helps you remain balanced but dynamic. It brings you fulfilment, enjoyment and resilience in our turbulent times.
  • The habits to get there are based on the enduring principles of Daoism, and illustrated with engaging and memorable stories.
  • Followers of these principles include Carl Jung, Leo Tolstoy, Martin Heidegger, Noble Laureate Niels Bohr, song-writer George Harrison, and even rapper RZA
  • "Insightful and engaging! The Power of the Dao hits the mark with powerful techniques for living a more fulfilled life." Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach, and New York Times bestselling author
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The Tao of Coaching

  • First published in 1996: one of the first guides to coaching for the manager and professional coach.
  • Shows how to build your OWN effectiveness by building the effectiveness of your team members.
  • One of the first demonstrations of the GROW technique, now used by coaches globally.
  • A continuing best-seller.
  • "In this book the great coaches of tomorrow have found exactly where to start their journey." - David Kirk, Captain of the 1987 World Champion All Black rugby team.
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The Tools of Leadership

  • Pinpoints the heart of how to be a leader: create Vision, Inspiration, and Momentum.
  • Vision: creating meaning; seeding and testing; sculpting skills.
  • Inspiration: building trust; engaging and uniting; repeating and reinforcing.
  • Momentum: encouraging initiative, galvanising progress, clearing the way.
  • "Leadership: it takes many forms, is hard to define, but you know it when you see it. This book should be of great help not only to the aspiring leader, but also to those who are already in that role." - Harry Langstaff, former Brigadier, the British Army.
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Mastering Coaching

  • Starts by asking what skills an effective coach or manager must now possess to boost the performance of their coachees.
  • In response, it summarises the most important research in areas such as neuroscience, sports psychology and mindfulness, positive psychology, mastery and goal-setting
  • offers a clear, simple and practical guide to how this new thinking can help coaches and managers to develop their own coaching practices.
  • "A coach for the coaches! Max Landsberg has created an entirely new approach to coaching - you'll be more effective than ever, and your clients will thank you for it. Landsberg has identified the most important coaching tools available!" - Marshall Goldsmith, author of NYT#1 and global bestsellers.
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The Tao of Motivation

  • Shows how the leader can create a virtuous circle of engagement and motivation in the team (and in him/herself).
  • Offers the VICTORY checklist: Vision; Impetus; Taking the plunge; Observing outcomes; Reponding to feedback; You!
  • "In sport, it's easy to have an exciting vision. In business, that's often more difficult, but the process for turning that goal into reality is just the same. This book shows you how to make vision exciting and how to follow it through." - Greg Searle, Olympic Gold-Medallist and World Champion Oarsman
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The Outdoors

  • Max is also a keen outdoor adventurer.
  • His "Trek to Everest" won the award for best guidebook from the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild.
  • His own favourite writing is "The Call of the Mountains" which recounts his journey across all 282 of Scotland's Munros (mountains of 3,000+ elevation).(See separate site)
  • "Top of the Christmas Reading list." - Edinburgh Life, November 2013
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